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Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Registration of...

You fill in the blank. Any time the government makes you register for any purpose that information can be used against you...legally or illegally. In this case a(n allegedly) fat police chief illegally accessed a woman's personal information to obtain her address. Why? So he could write her a nasty letter in retaliation for her calling him fat. First of all, the fact he put anything like that in writing is so far beyond stupid that he should not be allowed to carry a pen, much less a badge and gun. Secondly, this woman is exactly right:

"I thought I was exercising my First Amendment right of free speech -- expressing an opinion in an open forum about a paid public official."
Of course, the law provides for punishment of invasions of privacy such as these:

Violators of the driver's privacy act can be sued in U.S. District Court for damages of at least $2,500, punitive damages, attorney's fees and all other relief the court determines to be appropriate.
I know that legal punishments always make people feel safe...but they do absolutely nothing to actually protect you, your privacy or anything else. The only thing that punishments do is, well, punish those to break the law. Anyone ever seen In the Line of Fire? Remember John Malkovich's character's claim about doing bad things to a certain well-protected individual? All that's required to break the law is someone with the will to accept the consequences.

So remember, lawful retribution is great but if a really bad guy gets a hold of your personal information it just might take the rest of your life for help to arrive...literally.


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