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Tuesday, November 09, 2004


When Democrats Speak...

...you really get a clear view into their psyche (or is it psychosis?).

Carville 1: The purpose of a political party is to win elections, and we're not doing that. Yes...but should that be at least ideally subservient to advancing the best interests of the country? Maybe it's just me.

Carville 2: The party needs a narrative...an aggressively reform, anti-Washington, anti-business-as-usual party. Sorry, that position is already occupied. Unless the article misquoted him and he actually said something like 'we need to be the "anti-business" party'. That would be convenient because they've already got that one covered.

Shrum: All the polls appeared to be moving in the right direction...We thought, 'We're ahead in the battleground states, we'll win in the battleground states.' Problem #1, they care about polls. Problem #2, they believe polls.

Remember, the best way to beat the Left is to just let them talk.


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