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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


V for Victory

Bush is going to win. I have no doubt.

I am also loving the Senate and House results!

Two questions:

1) How do Democrats oust a Republican Senate leader?
Answer: They hound him when he says nice things about an old man at his birthday party until he quits.

2) How do Republicans oust a Democratic Senate leader?
Answer: Vote him out!


Question 3: Kerry cannot win the popular vote, so where are all the Leftists conceding the election?
Answer: The only thing that concerns the Left is regaining power. The don't care about "mandates" unless it benefits their side to claim the lack of one.

Of course, extending the Left's 2000 reasoning, even if Kerry wins he would have lost the popular vote so resoundingly that he would be absolutely prohibited from doing anything without running it by the House, Senate, each state's Governor, and me personally. Fortunately, Bush is going to pull out enough of the remaining states that everyone seems too afraid to call and that will be the end of the story.


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