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Thursday, November 04, 2004


Saddam, A Trial And Evidence

I (and some Derbyshire guy) called it. Any trial we might want to put Saddam through will actually be a "trial", complete with appropriate "scare quotes". For reasons that become painfully obvious if you read the two pieces linked to above, any Saddam "trial" will be a mockery of justice and have the potential to get a truly evil SOB off the hook.

I bring this up now because of a nice little article I found via The Command Post. Since it's so short here's the whole thing:

The US-based organization, Human Rights Watch, says it is likely that vital evidence needed in Iraq for the forthcoming trials of the deposed president Saddam Hussein and other officials, has been lost or tainted.

The organization says American-led coalition forces failed to secure important sites after last year's invasion of Iraq.

Human Rights Watch says that the coalition's failure to prevent or minimize the looting and destruction of government buildings in April of 2003, led to the wide spread removal of state archives.

The coalition subsequently failed to put in place expertise and assistance needed to ensure proper classification, and exhumation procedures.

In some areas, it says, coalition soldiers watched as villagers or families of people who disappeared during Saddam Hussein's rule dug up remains at mass grave-sites.
First off, our soldiers were in the process of killing the enemy. I don't think we train our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen to be CSI detectives. Last time I checked the purpose of our Armed Forces was to kill people and break things.

So now we've got a "human rights" group (yep, more "scare quotes") who appears to be laying the groundwork for future protests that there is not enough evidence that Saddam was directly responsible for the horrible things that happened while he was his old Benevolent Dictator self. The answer is simple: Kill Him. That is the clearest message we could possibly send. If you are evil, we will kill you.

It truly sickens me to see Americans (or anyone, for that matter) take the side of a brutal dictator because all the evidentiary procedures were not followed in the middle of a war zone.

In the end I have confidence that the Iraqis will do what needs to be done. In the meantime, at least we get to see the true colors of some of these "human rights" groups.


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