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Thursday, November 04, 2004


No Joy In Mudville...

...for the not-so-mighty Kerry has struck out.

This year we've seen one Curse broken, and another kept intact. Not since 1918 had Boston won the World Series...and not since JFK had a Senator been elected Presient.

It's been interesting to watch the reactions of various people here in the Liberal North East. You'd almost think the sky was falling. I've had liberal friends tell me that the feel 'disconnected' from the country, that they'd like to move to Canada (not so fast), and that the New England should secede from the country.

To my liberal friends who say they feel 'disconnected' from the country, you probably are. As Ann points out in her most recent column, the 11 marriage amendments did better than Bush himself in those states. That should tell us that even Democrats voting for Kerry were in favor of the amendments. That would definitely put the Democratic leadership (Daschle and friends, ha!) and bigwigs (Soros, Moore, Moveon, etc.) completely out of touch with the rank and file. If the party wants to survive and get back into contention they're going to need to find the next generation Zell Miller...or at least someone who 1) has morals and principles and 2) is in line with the majority of today’s Democrats. Essentially, the term Liberal needs to be taken back by people who disagree with the politics of Conservatism, but have (at some point in their lives) seen an abortion they didn't like and a caribou they didn't mind killing.

The other comment that I found quite revealing was the one about New England seceding from the Union. Obviously this is just frustration talking, but I think it might indicate something more deep and significant. The Liberals of NE tend, in my experience, to be more along the lines of Kerry, Soros, Moore, etc. There's nothing inherently wrong with having those views (although there is a lot wrong with the way some of them go about doing business). However, the underlying flaw that seems to be shared by a lot of people in this area is that they think the 'other side' is so bad that they can't possibly live with that 'other side' winning. That, to me, indicates a general lack of self-confidence. A winner is a winner regardless of a competition’s outcome. As the late, great Vince Lombardi said: We didn't lose the game; we just ran out of time. It's not that I think any of my liberal friends are 'losers.' Quite the opposite, they are very successful. However, the comments I have heard no few of them make indicates a losing attitude.

Part of me is fine with that losing attitude from the Left. It means that Conservatism is more and more likely to win, which makes me happy. However, I honestly want a competitive Democratic Party. The reasons for this are simple. The failings of the Democratic Party are obvious. They have gotten to this point, in part, because they were essentially unchallenged for many years. With the Old Liberal Media (pre cable and internet news) they could make pronouncements and it would be taken as fact. Republicans, on the other hand, played second fiddle for decades in Congress. They became the minority party of opposition (without friends in the Media) and, therefore, were forced to construct arguments.

So now we have two parties. On the Left, we have a Party in disarray and shambles because they allowed themselves to get sloppy. On the Right we have a Party that has been forced to hone its skills of reasoning and thought and so, is ideologically strong. Fortunately, with the New Media I don't think that even decades of Republican domination of Government will cause a downfall like that of the Democrats. However, the danger does still exist and we must be wary of it.

In the end I hope that the Left finds the self-confidence to take a hard and honest look at themselves and finally admit their faults and shortcomings. That is the only way they will pick themselves off the ground and get back into the fight. For the good of the country, get to it already!


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