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Friday, November 05, 2004


More Cool Science Stuff

The latest issue of Science has some serious cool stuff going on. One in particular caught my attention because it is the sort of thing used by IDers in the Evolution vs. Intelligent Design debate (latest Round here).

Type III secretion systems are bacteria's way of moving certain proteins across their membrane. They're sort of like syringes and very complex (some might even say irreducibly so =0). The machinery has been adapted for a number of purposes including injecting toxins into cells (ours) and for exporting structural proteins needed outside the cell. Anyway, I'm really posting this so I can show you the picture. Here is the link, but since I'm guessing it's not available for free, I'll just post the picture too.

Type III Secretion System Posted by Hello

All right, I know. I'm really revealing my dorky side...but I just thought these were too cool to resist.


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