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Friday, November 05, 2004


Global Warming?

Not if you're using the multi-year drought in the Western US. Here's what Science has to say:

How Dry It Has Been

Much of the western United States continues to experience a multiyear drought, and planners are wondering if there will be adequate water available to fill the growing thirst of an expanding population. How unusual is such a drought? Cook et al. (p. 1015, published online 7 October 2004) used a large set of tree ring data for the past 1200 years to compile a regional summer drought reconstruction for the western United States. The current dry period is far less severe than those that occurred repeatedly during most of the last millennium. A 400-year-long period with long intervals of extreme aridity, which began in about 900 A.D. and is roughly coincident with the Medieval Warm Period, suggests that aridity may be a natural consequence of higher temperatures in the warmer world of the near future.
One more data point that suggests it was not industrialization that caused warm temperatures.


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