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Monday, November 01, 2004



As you might know, I am decidedly uncomfortable with some aspects of our scientific 'advances.' This is a perfect example:

Cancer-free 'designer babies' get approval

PEOPLE with inherited forms of cancer have won the right to select embryos free from genes that might trigger the disease in future generations, The Times has learnt.
This is all fine and dandy. Who's going to argue with a technology that has the potential to wipe out an inherited form of cancer? The problem is, as always, that his technique will eventually be used to select for 'nonessential' traits. Today it's cancer, tomorrow it'll be eye color. Or maybe athletic ability. Think GATTACA.

For those skeptics out there I am more than willing to take bets. The terms are simple: I say that screening of IVF embryos will eventually be used to select (for or against) some non-lethal and/or some non-essential trait.

Anyone willing to take the bet can send me $$ via PayPal. There's really no need to wait until it happens. The only time when everyone is always definitely wrong when he or she says something will never happen.

I guess there's not much point in continually pointing out these things since no one could (or perhaps even should) stop this sort of progress. There's just something about it that gets under my skin.


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