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Thursday, September 02, 2004


Quasi-Live Blogging The RNCC

I've been watching Fox News' coverage of the Republican Convention (along with ~5.2 million other people) this evening.

I picked up Bill O'Reilly's show while he was taking to Sean "P. Diddy" Combs. Let's just say that I've never been a huge fan of Puffy/P. Diddy/Whatever-he-calls-himself-now, but tonight I got a glimpse of a different side of Sean. He heads up an organization called Vote or Die. His basic message is that he's not interested in being either a Republican or Democrat, but only in getting young people and 'inner city' types involved in the political process. In all honesty, he came across as his typical, slouching self...but with enough of a positive twist that even I was impressed.

After Bill's show, Hannity and Colmes came on with Zell Miller as the first guest (Barbara Bush is on right now...she's awesome =)). Zell spoke with Alan second, and he was challenged with some things he said in support of Kerry in 2001 and Clinton in 1992. The most potentially damning of the comments (in light of his speech the other night) was that, in 2001, he said John Kerry had worked to strengthen the military, whereas now he says Kerry has weakened the military. My already high regard for Sen. Miller was shot into the heavens with his answer. He said (and I'm paraphrasing):

Zell: I was wrong. At the time, I was going by the bio they handed me that day. Now that I've done my homework, I realize that Sen. Kerry has voted 34 times to weaken the military.

Alan: So you're saying that in 2001 you spoke without doing your homework?

Zell: That's right Alan, I was wrong.

Finally! Someone, on TV nonetheless, who is willing to admit when he's wrong. Honesty. Amazing.

Later (~9:50pm):

Pataki: Republicans are going to win one for the Gipper. Democrats are going to lose one with the Flipper.



Bush just promised to "reform and simplify the tax code". I will personally hold him to that one.


American opportunity zones. Tax breaks? Tariffs? Wonder what that's all about.

Health savings accounts. Let's hope.

Better access to health care with the creation of 'health centers'. Hum...

Tort reform. Damn straight (are you listening Edwards, you slimebag?).


Ownership society. I like it. More individuals with $$ and the ability to spend it can only help the economy. This is one of the biggest differences between the Right and Left.

He was just exactly straightforward about the fact that I will personally not recieve any Social Security and called for the creation of personally controlled alternatives. Love it!

More control over your own life. What a great freaking idea. Are you listening Kerry?


Education. More local control. Let's hope.

A Georgia school success story (90% success...but I don't know what they were at before). Regardless...the fact is that we will leave fewer children behind if we demand success.

Spanish line for We will leave no child behind. Will it be seen as pandering? From the Left for sure. Is it really...


For all that Wonkette crap about trying to find some diversity at the convention...I think the cameras are at least protraying a relatively diverse crowd.

Good tatic, he just offered more details about his ideas at www.georgewbush.com...not bad =).


Now on to Kerry...


Pro-Life stance. Lots of response from the crowd.

The last few lines have been concerning morals.

If anyone claims that there were no details in this speech is off his/her rocker. But watch for it nonetheless.


Ripping Kerry a new one on, well, just about everything. Gotta love it =).

And now...on to the most important issue: Terror.


Protester removed. Let's see what he has to say...

(sign: Bush lied people died...idiots)

...he ignored it. Good for him.


Defense of (really, the continuation of) the War in Iraq. Points out that even his opponent and his running mate voted for the use of force.

I will defend America ever time! He's proven it. How could anyone put our security in the hands of anyone else...let along Kerry?


Afghan success story. 10 million registered to vote.

Iraq general elections scheduled for Jaurary. What a complete failure, huh?


$87 billion vote. Voted for it before voting against it. Highlighting the Waffling. There's nothing complicated about supporting our troops in combat. Simple enough?


Iraqi amputees (hand) story. It would be hard to find a more poingent story.

A functioning and successfully democratic Iraq would be a knife in the heart of Teror. ...and they should be afraid, because Freedom is on the march. Absolutely, right on, damn straight!


Parallels to the period immediately following WWII (1946). Exactly! I am so glad he's bringing this up. There are far too many people who have conviently forgotten about what it was really like then and so, expect too much too quickly today. Thank you Mr. President!


Freedom is not America's gift to the world. It is the Almighty God's gift to every man, woman and child in the world.


Even we don't agree, at least you know where I stand

He's poking fun at himself:

Some see a swagger, which in Texas is called "walking".

Some comments about his (mis)use of language. I knew I was in trouble when Arnold started correcting me.

Sometimes I come across as a little too blunt. For that you can blame the white-haired lady sitting right over there

Tribute to soldiers. Looking into his eyes (via TV), I can't help but believe him. He shows his emotions...and I believe they are sincere.

People will look at NYC and say: Here buildings fell, here a nation rose.


The speech is over. My immediate (and brief) reaction:

Great speech. He was specific, positive and bluntly honest. The overriding impression I am left with is simply that President George W. Bush is a man of conviction and courage. He will not back down in the face of any threat and he do what needs to be done.


And the first thing the Fox commentator comments on is the freaking balloons. Jeeze.


I hope you've all enjoyed this, and my first attempt at, live blogging. Sleep well knowing that we'll have another 4 years of this great man.


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