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Thursday, September 23, 2004


Public Confidence in Media

Here's a misleading (media generated) headline on how the public doesn't trust said media:

Thanks, Dan: Gallup Finds Trust in Media at New Low

From this headline one might almost feel safe in assuming that 1) this article is going to conclude that Dan Rather is solely responsible for the public's distrust and 2) this conclusion is true. Surprise!

"Clearly, something new has happened to shake public confidence in the media," Gallup reports, "but whether that 'something' is the recent CBS News controversy is a matter of speculation.

"One might assume that if the CBS News story were the culprit, that this would be reflected in a disproportionately large drop in confidence in the media among Republicans. However, the data on this is [sic] not conclusive.

[Data by the way, are or are not conclusive as data is the plural of datum...but I guess I shouldn't expect the E&P Staff or their editors to know that.]
I do think that the supposedly recent drop (although the numbers in this article don't measure any recent drop, unless one year ago is considered recent) is significant and is certainly tied to Dan Blather's Blunder. However, I don't think that the Media are worthy of the self-righteous surprise they seem to be expressing. The issue is not Dan Blather's act of journalistic stupidity, but rather it is the fact that he got caught red handed...and by a bunch of smelly shut-ins wearing pajamas, at that.

If anything a much larger drop in the public's trust in the Media is long overdue. I hope that this episode will alert people to the possibility, nay likelihood that anything gushing from the mouths of these talking heads is suspect until vetted by the new Editorial Board of All Things Factual (previously known as the Blogosphere).


Apparently part of the problem might be that the Old Media types are only getting older and more out of touch:

Redstone [chairman and chief executive of Viacom, CBS' parent] told the 443 delegates to the Forbes conference that journalistic integrity was "one of the most valuable assets of CBS News," and that he never gets involved in any aspects of the network's news coverage. "I read about this in the newspapers just as you did," he said.
Maybe he could have jumped on this problem just a little earlier if he'd been reading any portion of the newly minted EBoATF.


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