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Thursday, September 09, 2004


Dems Using Forged Docs?

Powerline seems to think so (via Blogs for Bush).

If it turns out that the documents are in fact faked, what do you think is going to happen? I'm sure that someone will get at least a slap on the wrist, and maybe somebody will actually get fired. However, in the mean time there is a finite number of people out there who have developed a negative impression of the President's service based on (what could turn out to be) forged documents. Could that be enough to affect enough votes and perhaps even impact the election? I don't konw, but that was obviously the intention (again, assuming the docs really are faked) and it really pisses me off.


The Command Post is on the case.

Update 2:

INDC has decided to shortcut all the blog-ruminations and go to an authority (via The Command Post):

Based on Powerline's suspicions of forgery over the documents put forth regarding George W. Bush’s National Guard service, I decided to do some legwork and track down the opinions of forensic document examiners that may have an expertise in old typefaces.
I asked him to put a percentage on the chances that this was a fake, and he said that was "hard to put a number on it." I then suggested "90%?" Again he said it's "hard to put an exact number, but I'd say it's at least that high, sure. I pretty much agree that that font is Times New Roman."
Read the whole thing!


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