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Friday, August 20, 2004


Thank God I'm Not A Democrat

Seriously, I would be embarrassed if Kerry were my guy. Between the salute and his serious penchant for lying through his botoxed lips it's hard to be imagine the level of Bush hatred required to allow a person to back this guy.

As if all the lying weren't bad enough, now both he and Edwards have stolen lines from the Bush/Cheney campaign. I caught this on CNN Headline News this morning (link via The Command Post):

"Well, if he wants to have a debate about our service in Vietnam, here is my answer: Bring it on."
How funny is that? Since I've already addressed the differences in war records to some extent here, I won't do it again. However, I will point out yet again that President Bush has not made Vietnam an issue in this campaign to any degree whatsoever. While this does not make the time period completely out of bounds for his political opponents...it does mean any attacks against him on this topic are at least in poor taste.

Kerry, on the other hand apparently has some weird form of Tourettes Syndrome where every time he opens his mouth the forthcoming statement starts with: When I was (optional wounded reference) in Vietnam...

So, as so many have pointed out, it was Kerry himself who opened this particular bottle. The only problem is that what he thought was a bottle was actually a whole case of Whop-Arse cans...and the Right has decided to open them up and see if maybe the Truth is in there somewhere.

Be careful what you ask for, Mr. Kerry. You might just get it.


My point exactly. (via Twenty First Century Republican)

Yet More:

Oh how sweet!



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