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Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Broadening The Value Of A Hostage

Starting with the beheading of Nick Berg we have seen international attention riveted by hostage taking. Since then, we have seen far too many innocent people from many countries taken hostage with demands from the hostage-takers that a country withdraw support for the US's efforts to create a free Iraq. Now we seen a new development.

This story from The Australian (via The Command Post) highlights a variation on the hostage theme, and (even more significantly) the country being ransomed with two of its citizens' lives is none other than France. It seems that opposing the Great Satan at every turn is not enough to make the Terrorists happy:

The group has demanded that France rescind a controversial law due to go into effect this week banning the wearing of Muslim headscarves and other outwards signs of religious affiliation in French public schools.
So far, it appears that the French government is going to stand up to these scumbags:

French officials have asserted that the law will stand.
I, for one, will withhold my judgment of the French-backbone on this one until the situation has been resolved for better or worse.

As for the law itself, I think it is patently stupid and almost totally indefensible. To say that anyone should be prohibited from wearing religious garb (so long as it does not interfere with real and serious security concerns, etc.) is outrageous.

I also find the fact that France has been forced into creating such a law to be at least marginally humorous. They seem so deadest on purging religion from all aspects of public life that they have not been essentially forced to discriminate not only against Christians and Jews, but now also against the favorite religion of the Left, Islam. Irony at its best.


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