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Wednesday, August 18, 2004


A Beautiful Sight

I was at a bookstore yesterday and I saw the most beautiful sight. There, right in the front of the store, were three waist-high piles of My Life, just waiting for some unsuspecting hermit who's been living in a cave for a few decades to come by and pick one up. Oh how it warms my VRWC heart.

Drudge is also reporting that Bill isn't going to outsell his lovely wife-type-person. I'm sort of conflicted about this tid bit of info. If I had my way, neither one would out sell the other and both books would go down in (metaphorical (as I do not support non-metaphorical book burning)) flames.

Sadly, Tommy Frank's book, American Solider isn't doing all that well. I considered buying it while at the store yesterday, but I've been indulding my book buying sickness too much of late (can you say I need National Healtcare?)...but maybe I'll go pick up (and pay for) a copy. I like the guy, he's served his country well and his story deserves to be told.


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