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Wednesday, July 28, 2004


WWII And The War On Terror

JunkYardBlog has some great comments on WWII and its parallels to the War on Terror:

Note, by the way, that these slides only concern the Middle East. I'm also working on graphics to show successes and threats beyond the region, and developing a comprehensive view of the war to date. We're winning in some areas, sliding in others and threats are gathering in other areas. It's a war, after all, and a global one. There are no straight lines to victory, and it is naive to expect everything to magically fall into place. In World War II we lost the entire Philippines before coming back to retake them on the way to defeating Japan; we invaded Italy (which had nothing to do with Pearl Harbor) on the way to encircling and finally defeating Germany (which also had nothing to do with Pearl Harbor) before finally defeating Japan. That's just how it all worked out. Looking back, though, it's perfectly obvious that there would have been no complete victory without defeating Italy, Germany and Japan. Likewise, this war isn't just about killing and capturing individual terrorists or destroying their mountain hideaways--it's about destroying the environments that spawned them and the states that support them. President Bush told us that in the beginning, but we seem to have forgotten. There have been and will continue to be setbacks and zigzags until we win this war. If you're only concerned with the daily death toll in Iraq or Afghanistan or the latest self-help tip from the 9-11 Commission, you're missing the big picture.
Thank you!


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