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Monday, July 19, 2004


When America Fails...

...Democrats win. That's the message is the coming through loud and clear these days (and Rush has been harping on since long before it was as obvious as it is now).

Want some proof? How about this article from the AP (via The Command Post):

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Democrats John Kerry and John Edwards are gambling that there is enough lingering uneasiness about pocketbook issues that their message about a struggling economy and loss of jobs will resonate despite rising public optimism.


Should the economy continue to improve, it could complicate the Democrats' message of protecting jobs and reviving the economy.
So, basically John&John have put themselves a position where the worse Americans feel about themselves and their country, the better they'll likely do in the election. What a wonderful place to be.

Now to be fair, it's been easy for them to get into this position for a number of reasons. Chief among them is that Bush is so upbeat and confident in America and Americans that if you are going to take the purely contrarian position on everything (at least half of the waffling time) then it's easy to fall into this particular trap.

However, the Democrats did (and do) have a choice. They could easily have taken the strategic tact that: Sure, things are going well (economically) with Bush...but we can do better so elect us. Perhaps they did not choose this path because it's just too hard to get that message across...and it would obviously require some actual thought (dare I say nuance?) to come up with specific plans to allow improvement of our economy. And I think that is the underlying problem, the Democrats (as a party and as a Liberal ideology) have had a virtual monopoly on the press (as well as the House and Senate) for so long that they've forgotten how to argue. All they ever had to do previously was smear any opposition and the Media would go along with it.

This is still very much the case, but now there are new and truly free places to exchange information and ideas that are not subject to the Old Media. So all of a sudden the old mantra of Republicans are meanies just doesn't work...but they keep trying. Fortunately, it appears (to this humble blogger) that the old strategy is falling down around their collective Donkey ears.

Because of this basic failing and internal weakness of the Democratic Party (as a Party...not necessarily as any particular member of the rank and file) will lead to their utter downfall in November and, most likely, their rebirth by fire (hopefully in the image of Zell Miller...but that might be hoping for too much). Will the rebirth happen before Hillary makes an arse of herself running for President in '08 or after? I don't know. I think that all depends on how badly J&J manage to mess things up between now and the election. Until then, it should be fun watching J&J make themselves and their Party look silly. Enjoy =).


And as long as I'm on the topic of Kerry...check out Drudge's little collage of Kerry and the contradictory statement.

He's a Man of the People, right? How many of you regular people out there know how (and have the time) to: Snowboard, Ski, Windsurf, Kite Sail, Ride Bikes, etc., etc.? I've done most of them at one time or another...but I don't have neither the time nor the money to do them all.

It's one thing to do all that stuff...and I don't begrudge him any of it. Just don't tell me that he's a regular guy.

Oh...and he never had botox...(Frankly, he looks better with the wrinkles...the non-wrinkled Kerry is just disturbing.)


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