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Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Saddam's So-Called Trial

John Derbyshire has written what I consider to be the most clear-thinking piece on Saddam's impending trial for NRO (and it's scary how much he agrees with me).

Here's a teaser:

I believe Saddam's appearance illustrated another thing as well: the folly of the legalistic approach to war criminals, and our continuing inability to take seriously the threats facing us.

Consider the legal issue. Here was Saddam Hussein in court before a judge. Most of my friends and colleagues are thrilled about this. "We have brought the tyrant to justice!" they crow. "Now the people of Iraq can deal with him in a proper, civilized way!"

Well, I am all for justice, and equally for civilization, but I can't convince myself that either is being served by this embarrassing spectacle. In what sense is Saddam supposed to be guilty of crimes? You are guilty of a crime if you have broken a law. What law or laws did Saddam break? There are, in logic, only three possibilities.
Go see what his three possibilities are. He is exactly right...and I also wish Saddam had met the fate John suggests. Alas, it's not to be so.


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