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Friday, July 23, 2004


New Blogs And Stuff

Every now and then I like to check my Technorati profile to get some positive reinforcement...oh, and to find new high quality blogs (by virtue of the fact that have linked to me =)).

As a result of my most recent perusal I have added two new blogs to my roll.

The first is Musing by Jason Hayes. From what I've read he seems to have a good (Conservative [Actually, I have just been informed that Jason leans more towards Libertarian than Conservative. I appologize of the error =)]) head on his shoulders.

The second (and no this wasn't a link to me...as if =)) is a actually John Lott's website, which now incorporates a blog. As I am about as staunch a defender of the 2nd Amendment as you'll find I am more than happy to link him up. For anyone interested, Lott's side of the Mary Rosh contraversy is here.


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