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Tuesday, July 20, 2004



I was going to post this later...but I couldn't wait. If this email doesn't bring tears of pride to your eyes you probably need a Patriotism Transplant.

Here is a excerpt...but read the whole thing:

Having been here for nine months, I feel a certain duty to report some real heroes. I see how the softness has faded to hard lines on the faces of my soldiers. Doubtless, others have seen more and done more than we have in our little corner of contested ground. That, however, does not take from the hundreds of missions that these men have completed. We have learned our lessons the hard way and been made better for it. There is an odd, overwhelming pride which I feel as I remember some very intimate moments from the last few months. These men, my men, are the reason I do this job. Not the pay, not the resume, and not the God and Country stuff. It's these guys who have become my heroes.
Read it! And thank God for young Men like these.

Obviously, this warrants inclusion in the Ideas That Stand The Test Of Time.


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