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Thursday, July 15, 2004


Fact Check.org On The Economy

Fact Check.org is probably one of the best, no BS, sites out there for fair and evenhanded analysis of most things political. Their latest analysis of the economy is an absolute must read:

Economy Producing Mostly Bad Jobs? Not so fast.

Let's start with what's new. Numbers supplied to us by the BLS highlight an important trend: more white-collar managers and professionals, relatively fewer low-wage jobs requiring less education. As we sort out the raw data, employment has recently increased by more than 1 million in categories that on average paid above the median earnings of $541 per week, while employment was virtually unchanged in categories paying below the median. That's comparing the most recent 12 months with the same period a year earlier. By that measure, the jobs gained are overwhelmingly good jobs -- the very opposite of the claim made by Kerry and his allies.
Read the whole thing. It's a little long, and maybe somewhat involved for a noneconomist (such as myself), but it is definitely worth your time.


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