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Thursday, July 08, 2004



I realize that the Koran contains something to the effect that one should strike the heads of your enemies from their shoulders, but this beheading thing seems to be getting just a bit out of control.

I commented previously on threats of beheading against Musab al-Zarqawi. To some extent, I think this attitude indicates that at least some Iraqis recognize evil when they see it.

Now some masked guys are saying that they'll decapitate anyone who defends Saddam in court (via The Command Post). I suppose that this threat can be viewed in a similar light to the threats against al-Zarqawi. However righteous the motives behind all this may be, the fact that beheading (or at least the threat thereof) is becoming so 'popular' as a way to settle disputes might indicate a larger problem. While anyone who would defend Saddam with the goal of having him found innocent probably deserves to lose their head, I think it will prove to be an impediment to building a civilized Republic if such sentiments are maintained.

While we in America should not expect that Iraq will turn into the Second Coming of the American Republic, we should expect that Iraq will morph into a civilized representative democracy. Otherwise they will be just one election away from despotic rule masquerading as Western-style Democracy.


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