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Friday, June 11, 2004


World's Top 100 Economic Entities

I found this to be pretty interesting. A slim majority of the world's largest economic entities is now companies rather than countries. That's right, according to this site companies (in terms of sales) have beat out countries (GDP) by a neck-n-neck 51-49 (via blogsnow.com). Here's an amazing part of the list (all figures are in millions of dollars):

23 General Motors 176,558.00
24 Denmark 174,363.00
25 Wal-Mart 166,809.00
26 Exxon Mobil 163,881.00
27 Ford Motor 162,558.00
28 DaimlerChrysler 159,985.70
29 Poland 154,146.00
30 Norway 145,449.00
31 Indonesia 140,964.00
32 South Africa 131,127.00

Check out the whole list and see where your country stands.


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