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Friday, June 11, 2004


What They Really Said About Reagan

In these past few days we have seen no shortage of (very well deserved) compliments being paid Reagan and his legacy from both sides of the aisle. It is important, however, to not let some among us rewrite history. Anyone (and I mean anyone) is totally within his or her rights to pay this great man any compliment they is think is appropriate. However, one thing that no one should be allowed to do is say that they have always supported Reagan and his policies (or even just simply liked him) if that is not true.

In that vein, check out some of these quotes that Andrew Sullivan has posted (hat tip Instapundit). Quite telling and satisfactorily wrong:

"I wonder how many people, reading about the [Evil Empire'] speech or seeing bits on television, really noticed its outrageous character… Primitive: that is the only word for it. … What is the world to think when the greatest of powers is led by a man who applies to the most difficult human problem a simplistic theology – one in fact rejected by most theologians?... What must the leaders of Western Europe think of such a speech? They look to the head of the alliance for rhetoric that can persuade them and their constituents. What they get from Ronald Reagan is a mirror image of crude Soviet rhetoric. And it is more than rhetoric: everyone must sense that. The real Ronald Reagan was speaking in Orlando. The exaggeration and the simplicities are there not only in the rhetoric but in the process by which he makes decisions." - Anthony Lewis, New York Times, March 10, 1983


"All evidence indicates that the Reagan administration has abandoned both containment and détente for a very different objective: destroying the Soviet Union as a world power and possibly even its Communist system. [This is a] potentially fatal form of Sovietphobia… a pathological rather than a healthy response to the Soviet Union." — Princeton Professor Stephen Cohen, 1983.

Go read the rest.


And here is an absolutely perfect example. Drudge has the following:

1984 Flashback: Kerry calls Reagan Presidency "Moral Darkness" in convention speech
Fri Jun 11 2004 12:32:42 ET

*** The Boston Globe Archives | July 21, 1988 | Walter V. Robinson ***

ATLANTA -- Michael Stanley Dukakis, a self-described "very, very long- shot" candidate just 16 months ago, last night became the Democratic nominee for president and his party's best hope to win the White House since 1976. Earlier, Sen. John F. Kerry took to the convention hall podium, telling the delegates that the "moral darkness" of President Reagan's presidency will soon end.

"A Republican president once reminded us, 'There is absolutely nothing to be said for a government of powerful men with the ideals of pawnbrokers,' " Kerry said.

"That president's name was Theodore Roosevelt. And today Theodore Roosevelt would be ashamed to be a Republican."

Said Kerry: "It is time we once again had a government of laws and not of lawbreakers."

Now, here's what Kerry had to say June 6, 2004:

"We lost one of our great optimists," Kerry told graduating seniors at Bedford High School. "President Reagan's belief in America was infectious. And because of the way he led, he taught us that there was a difference between strong beliefs and bitter partisanship."

Amaingly enough, there is no mention in this recent article about Kerry's comments way back when. Just another example of a person for whom "history always begins this morning."

And, as usual, Ann does a great job of pointing out the general and pervasive failings of the American Left using their unwavering opposition to Reagan during Reagan's adminstration. Here's a bit:

In fact and of course, liberals loathed Reagan. Their European friends loathed Reagan -- the protests against our current president are positively anemic compared to the massive protests against President Reagan when he went to visit our dear "allies," whose sorry asses we spent billions of dollars defending against the Soviets for 50 years. Even the moderate Republicans currently trying to insinuate themselves onto Reagan's legacy weren't especially fond of Reagan at the time -- especially when attacking him publicly would get them invites to the tonier Georgetown cocktail parties. Only authentic Americans loved Reagan.

Want more, go read her column.

Update 2:

NE Republican has an Op/Ed from the Washington Times highlighting some more differences between Lefty comments then and now.


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