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Thursday, June 03, 2004


Soros Off The Deep End

George Soros is an idiot. To put a slightly finer point on the matter, in addition to being an idiot he is a dangerous liar and engages is so much hyperbole that he simply cannot be taken seriously. Why do I bring these well-known facts up now? Well, Soros has equated 9/11 to the Abu Ghraib fiasco. Here's the quote that nails it:

"I think that those pictures hit us the same way as the terrorist attack itself," Soros continued, "not quite with the same force, because in the terrorist attack, we were the victims. In the pictures, we were the perpetrators and others were the victims."

Idiot! (Or did I already mention that?) Is he serious? Does he really represent the Left? For the Left's sake, I hope not. However, if leading Lefties keep spouting this sort of garbage I'd say the President's reelection chances can only increase.

While in the process of equating the worst attack ever on the American Mainland with some hooded and humiliated bad guys, Soros did his part of help us lose the language:

"The picture of torture in Saddam's prison was a moment of truth for us," Soros said Thursday morning in Washington at a meeting of the liberal activist group Campaign for America's Future.

As I've said before, this was not torture!! This isn't just my opinion. Iraqis themselves have indicated that what was done at Abu Ghraib was nothing compared to the true torture perpetrated under Saddam (use 'Find' function to search for "recent abuse at Abu Ghraib"...and the Red Cross agrees, by the way).

I suppose this is too fine a point to expect George Soros to understand (or at least for him to admit).

Oh, and for all you NYers here's what Former First Lady to the Serial Womanizer had to say about our pal Soros:

Soros was introduced by Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who told the crowd that "we need people like George Soros, who is fearless and willing to step up when it counts."



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