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Tuesday, June 01, 2004


Hate France First?

It seems that a lot of people in this country tend to Blame America First. Worse yet, many of them also seem to truly Hate America. In the aftermath of the terrible collapse of a portion of the Paris Airport, it seems that we are not alone. Apparently, some of the French also hate, in addition to us, their own country, as evidenced by Chrenkoff's post:

"It [The Presence and Influence of France in Europe: True and False] claims France's refusal to implement European Union regulations, its 'arrogant' reputation and the poor work record of French Euro-MPs - among the laziest in Europe - has damaged its credibility and undermined its authority."

Is this actually true? I don't know. It does, however, warm my heart to see members of the French government actively hating themselves. Who knows, maybe if enough of their country-people agree they'll start to turn it around. If they do, I would be their first champion. Until then, screw them.


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