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Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Enough Reagan?

In the category of Newspeople-Make-News, here is a story about Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw opining that we've heard enough about the Great Communicator (hat tip Drudge). In the grand tradition of unfairly editing quotes, here is what Brokaw had to say:

"I think just about everything is over-covered these days," said Brokaw, who anchors the "NBC Nightly News." "The spectrum is so crowded. With all the cable networks, it begins to have a 'video wall' feeling to it." And I'm a big wus. I can't handle the competition. Cry, Cry Cry. Please feel bad for me.

Ok, I'll admit it (which is more than some will do), I added that last part.

This is a bunch of crap. This is coming from the same people who have endlessly 'covered' the Abu Ghraib pictures without batting a heavily mascaraed eyelash. Now, arguably the greatest President of the last century dies and they want to sweep it all under the rug? Humm...I wonder, do you think they're liberal.


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