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Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Bush And Kerry On The War On Terrorism

My Way News has a story about President Bush's recent speech on the situation in the Middle East and Terror. I think there are a few interesting aspects to this story, some obvious and some not. We'll start with the obvious points...

AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. (AP) - Likening the terrorism fight to the World War II struggle against tyranny, President Bush urged support Wednesday for his efforts to spread freedom and democracy in the Middle East despite the angry distrust of many Arabs.


He said such a transformation would take generations and was essential to America's security.

"If that region [the Middle East] is abandoned to dictators and terrorists, it will be a constant source of violence and alarm, exporting killers of increasing destructive power to attack America and other free nations," Bush said. "If that region grows in democracy and prosperity and hope, the terrorist movement will lose its sponsors, lose its recruits and lose the festering grievances that keep terrorists in business."

Exactly. This is an obvious point (although some would surely argue it) and he hits it right on the head. The important thing here is that Bush has needed to do this for quite some time now, and he needs to keep on doing just this; remind people 1) what is at stake and 2) what we need to assure that we win this fight. Doing this effectively will win him reelection. Failure will allow people to slip back into despair, perhaps leading them to choose the alternative candidate (you know, the waffler).

Bush, who leaves Thursday on a trip to France and Italy, wants European leaders to embrace his vision, which some have criticized as an example of the United States imposing its views on others.

There is a good deal of truth to the idea that many in the world see our actions as imposing our views on others. Two points on this. First, that is the proclaimed reason. Many have ulterior motives for opposing us (-cough-Oil For Food corruption-cough-). Regardless, by removing the so-called American face from the Iraqi governing situation we stand a better chance of success. Second, what the hell is wrong with Americans imposing our views on others? The issue here is which views are we trying to impose? If it's our diet, religion, science, whatever...not necessarily a good idea. However, I fail to see how our imposing equality (gender, racial, etc) and freedom is a bad thing. Could someone please explain that to me? Is the Left really arguing that we should allow woman to be killed for asacine reasons? If we stop this craziness, I say impose away!

All right, now for the not so obvious aspect to this story. Here’s the quote, see if you agree:

Kerry, who was traveling in Florida, said Wednesday that in addition to winning passage of a U.N. resolution that will recognize the new Iraqi government and urge worldwide support for Baghdad, Bush needs to persuade other countries to help the cause.
"It is essential that he get troop and resource commitments for our mission in Iraq to relieve the burden on our troops, to help achieve the stability ... and internationalize the presence on the ground," Kerry said in response to Bush's speech.

So, Kerry is suggesting that we should get tangible support from our allies? Humm…I thought that we had acted alone? Why not start by calling for help even in name only. Oh, because we’ve already gotten that in abundance…something the Left was formerly unwilling to see and are now apparently unwilling to acknowledge. It’s really amazing how they just keep moving the goal posts back with each positive accomplishment and outright victory. What did I expect, right?

In the end I think the President's message will come through loud and clear to the American People (and to the world):

Our task is not easy, and it is not fit for the faint-of-heart. While we welcome assistance along the way, America is up to the task and will take on Terror alone if need be.

We did not choose this fight, we did not start this fight, but we are damn well going to finish it.


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