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Tuesday, May 25, 2004


What Al-Qaida Wants To Do To Us

Junk Yard Blog has a great post on what Al-Qaida wants to do to us.

Now that we know more about what President Bush wants to do in Iraq, it's worth examining what experts believe al Qaeda wants to do to us:

The United States remains al-Qaida's prime target, the report said. An al-Qaida leader has said 4 million Americans will have to be killed "as a prerequisite to any Islamic victory," the survey said.

Four million American dead. That's a little over half the population of New York City. Or four times the population of Rhode Island. Or slightly less than the entire population of Maryland.

Put another way, al Qaeda wants to kill eight times as many Americans as died in the entire Civil War, or 20 times the number we lost in World War II. In some ways those numbers are abstractions, so look at it this way: 9-11 was a drop in the bucket. If it had its way, al Qaeda would repeat that feat but magnify it by roughly 1,333 times. And we aren't talking combat deaths here. Al Qaeda wants to kill you while you cut your grass, sit at your desk, take your child to the zoo or fly across the country to visit your grandparents. And it wants to kill your family, your children, your friends and neighbors and everyone else it can kill as long as they are Americans. And they won't stop at four million like it's some kind of magic number or bright red line: Four million is the minimum they believe they need to kill in order to defeat us. The minimum. They'll kill ten million or a hundred million or a billion if they can.

Anyone who’s surprised might want to rethink his or her affiliation with the Democratic Party. Now, everyone quotes the old truism that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Well, it seems that there is a huge 20/200000 eyesight problem for some people looking back over the ‘previous’ administration. Fortunately, JYB has corrective 20/20 lenses in place when looking back:

Put another way, while we allowed their camps to exist in Afghanistan they trained 20,000 killers and sent them on their way. Nineteen of those killers hit their targets on 9-11, and we have killed or captured another 2,000 since then. But 18,000 of them remain at large. They would not be out there and would not have been trained had we taken out al Qaeda's camps during the 1990s. It's also likely that those terrorists would not be out there and trained had the previous administration made good in the war it declared on terrorism in 1998, or if it had accepted Osama bin Laden in any of the deals in which the Sudanese government offered him up. In the 1990s our government failed us, and we're facing a terrorist army today as a direct result of that failure.

Exactly. Now, I’m sure that causing Osama to assume cave temperature in 1998 (or even just tossing him in a little dark cell) would not have stopped terror. Only an idiot would claim that getting one guy would stop thousands. But how far back would his arrest (or death) have set Al-Qaida back? Months, years? Who knows? The point is that we (by which I mean some of us) recognize the importance of fighting Terror wherever we find it. I don’t care if each anti-terror action puts but a nick in their armor. The important thing is that we be more dedicated and stalwart than the scum who would kill our innocent.

This is not a fight we can afford to lose. We can't just turn tail and run has the 'peace activists' of the 60's made us do. If we do that the bad guys will not be content to just take over the equivalent of South Vietnam. No, today's bad guys will again bring the fight to us. They will kill us where we live. The only choice (and thank God that Bush understands this) is to kill them where they live.

Go read the rest of what he has to say. It’s a great post.


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