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Friday, May 21, 2004

Kerry's New Slogan

According to Drudge, Kerry is going to adopt a new campaign slogan: "Let America Be America Again". Sounds great, huh? Surely we can all relate to the idea that it certainly would be nice if we could just get back to that old America. You know the one, the America that existed when I was a kid. Soda shops, five and dimes, walking to school uphill both ways in shoulder deep snow with no shoes but all while just being grateful to be getting an education.

If that were are far as it went, I would just say that Kerry is be, well, stupid and pandering to people's unarticulated nostalgia. This slogan seems, however, to go quite a bit further off the deep end. Junk Yard Blog has a great (and extensive) post on this very topic and I don’t have much to add except to agree wholeheartedly. Here’s a bit:

So Kerry's new campaign theme is actually a backhanded slap at America disguised as patriotism. Fits nicely with his old theme, whatever that was. His new slogan may only be a call for a return to Clinton's unserious pre-9/11 America, but his unrepentant pro-Communist radical ideology and activism is a sign that he may have much more planned for a Kerry "regime."

Intrigued? Read it all.


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