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Thursday, May 27, 2004


Democratic Fairness

Well, it looks like Kerry is going to be accepting the nomination in Boston after all. Hum, the nominee accepting the nomination at the Convention...strange. Here's a bit from the Bloomberg article:

``We believe it is right to start the general election on the same day as our opponents, and we will continue to explore every way possible to level the playing field against the Republicans' five-week advantage,'' Kerry said in an e-mailed statement.

Here is yet another example of Democrats ignoring laws and quoting fairness when the law is inconvenient. Somehow I doubt they would have a huge problem with timing if their Convention were second.

This is the background provided by Bloomberg:

The finance rules have been in place since the 1976 presidential election. As a condition of receiving federal funding for the general election campaign, candidates cannot raise or spend any additional money. The Democratic and Republican parties each may spend $16 million in a coordinated effort with their nominees during the period between the convention and the Nov. 2 vote.

So, these restrictions are a condition of receiving federal funding, huh? If this is such a huge problem, why not just forgo using our money for his campaign? Then he could spend all the money he wanted. Of course such an action would be hypocritical (but who's counting, I ran out of fingers a while back) in that the Democrats generally supports the so-called Campaign Finance Reform BS (I added that last part).

So I suppose if he were to say he wanted to spend funds limited only by his ability to raise money it might be considered a waffle. This begs that the question be asked: Why has Kerry passed up such a wonderful waffling opportunity (a waffltunity, perhaps)? I think he might be a bit off his usual game. I hope he gets his waffling legs back soon. Otherwise he might actually have a shot in November.


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