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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Michael, Partisan? Tell me Moore!

Michael Moore (as Evan has pointed out) has rejected the 'charge' that he is a partisan filmmaker. Right…and the CIA is listening to my thoughts right now.

So here is a story linked by Drudge informing us that Miramax has hired some Lefty Spinmisters to promote (and defend) Moore’s latest hack-job film:

Parachuting into France for the documentary's Cannes Film Festival launch, a Miramax rep told us, were Howard Wolfson, ex-campaign press secretary for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Michael Feldman, a top adviser on Al Gore's 2000 presidential race. (Feldman founded the Glover Park Group, a D.C. communications outfit, with ex-Clinton spokesman Joe Lockhart.) Also providing PR expertise on the anti-Bush movie: former Clinton White House advisers Mark Fabiani and Chris Lehane.

What a bunch of strange coincidences. Good thing Moore doesn’t take one side over the other. I certainly hope that he doesn't start down the now-well-trodden path towards the kingdom of waffler.


Perhaps you would like to see Moore crushed? Check out Right Side Redux (hat tip marcland).

Update 2:

Evan picks up on, and expands, the theme here. As usual, great analysis. Give it a read.

Update 3:

Here is a story about the Cannes Jury and their decision to award the top prize to Moore:

Moore's response, according to Tarantino, was "that means more to me than anything. If I wanted to make political statements, I would have run for office. I want to make movies".

This wasn't a political statement...just like his other 'films' haven't been. How stupid does he think we are?

Update 4:

And...Junk Yard Blog points out that he's also a liar (surprise, surprise...I know).

Update 5:

Moore Jumps the Shark at The Command Post.


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