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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

A Guilty Pleaseure No More?

Ever since smoking bans went into effect I have been experiencing a guilty pleasure. While I hate the smell of smoke, and enjoy its absence, I am very much against government interfering with people's freedoms when there is no proof that they are harming anyone other than themselves. I have often said that if 2nd hand smoke were found to be harmful that banning smoking in certain places would be ok by me (although there is still the argument over whether or not the government should be telling private individuals what they can and cannot allow on their private property...but that's another can of worms).

So this article citing a study in BMC Cell Biology caught my eye. While the data are interesting and suggestive, we should bear in mind that, "the effect second-hand smoke has on fibroblast motility “could be responsible for impaired wound healing in people exposed to second-hand smoke.” However...the work is preliminary and still in need of more rigorous testing."

Read it for yourself.


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