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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Crunchy Conservatism

Radley Balko has a great post on a new(?) movement apparently called Crunchy Conservatism. He really hits the nail on the head:

Only after crude, unabashed capitalism has taken care of a lot of other problems can we begin to have places like Whole Foods, or targeted products like no-chemical, no-additive, no-hormone, free-range chicken. Only after industry has knocked down a lot of trees and sullied a lot of streams on its way to feeding us, medicating us, and giving us reason to think we'll live past the age of forty do we get the luxury of beginning to worry about the health of the environment, and the survival of beings outside our own families, much less outside our own species.
This is the basis for the reply I have for any environmentalists or anti-animal research type I get into an argument with. All I have to say is: Fine, but then to be consistent you'd be willing to give up your car, all processed foods and (in the case of the latter), all medicine since no drug are approved by the FDA without prior animal testing. It generally shuts them up and I'd bet it would work with these Crunchy Conservatives.


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