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Sunday, February 19, 2006


Where Does It End?

This is truly disturbing:

CHICAGO — Surveillance cameras — aimed at government buildings, train platforms and intersections here — might soon be required at corner taverns and swanky nightclubs.
"We require shopping centers to put railings on stairs and install sprinkler systems for public safety. This is a proper next step," says Baltimore County Councilman Kevin Kamenetz, who sponsored the ordinance.
Yeah, Kev. That's exactly the freaking problem. We allow the government to dictate what a private property can, cannot and must do on his own property and now where are we? I guess right where you want us, huh?

Can you imagine a more Orwellian quote than this:

"The safer we make the city, the better it is for everyone," says Chicago Alderman Ray Suarez, who first proposed mandatory cameras in some businesses. "If you're not doing anything wrong, what do you have to worry about?"
Oh, I don't know Ray you stupid ass. Maybe it's none of your freaking business where I go or what I do! Maybe I don't want my betters in the government keeping tabs on me if I decide to get a quart of freaking milk in the middle of the night.

I don't know. This whole surveillance thing is really starting to get to me. The underlying problem is not the surveillance, per se. Really, the thing that drives me absolutely out of my skull is the pitiful apathy that such intrusive abuses of government power are met by the 'public.' How many generations is it going to take for the 'adults' to know no different than being watched all the time?

Read 1984. It'll make you toes curl*.

Will it do the same to your children? How about your grandchildren?

Wake up Chicagoans. Wake up Londoners. Wake up, for the love of freedom.

Giving up freedom to a benevolent government does nothing more than insure that the table is set for the despot when he ascends the throne. Make no mistake about it, it will happen. Would you feel any better about it if it happens to your grandchildren rather than to you? If so, please see the asterisk below.

You want to know the answer to: Where does it end? I'll tell you. It ends where we draw a line in the sand...or it never ends.


* If you read 1984 and do not feel the bile rising in your throat please find another country in which to contribute to the loss of freedom.


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