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Saturday, February 18, 2006


Slight Of Hand Working Well

Looks like Gov. Rell's little slight of hand that I've metioned twice before (the car tax/property tax switcheroo) is working out great for her. Here's the plan:

Rell’s proposal calls for the state to spend nearly $500 million a year to compensate municipalities for lost car tax revenue.

The compensation program would be funded by shifting $435.6 million the state gets each year in casino revenue and adding another $61 million out of the state budget.

To help cover the holes that would be left in state finances, Rell wants to end the property tax credit on the state income tax, to save $325 million a year. Anticipated increases in other tax revenues would add another $173 million annually to state revenue to cover the rest of the financing.
And yes, the voter of CT love the smoke and mirror act:

According to the poll, Rell would beat DeStefano by 70-16 percent if the election were held now. Her advantage over Malloy was almost exactly the same, at 70-15 percent.

In a hypothetical Democratic primary match-up, the poll found that DeStefano was preferred by registered Democratic voters over Malloy by 38-19 percent.

35 percent of all Democrats surveyed said they remained undecided.

The survey found that 59 percent of voters still don’t know enough about DeStefano to have an opinion about him, and 83 percent said they didn’t know enough about Malloy.

Campaign spokesmen for the two Democrats dismissed Rell’s massive lead in the polls as the product of her far greater name recognition and predicted that her advantage would certainly diminish as the 2006 election campaign moves into high gear.
Yep. Long, ugly campaign ahead. Sir Winston was right.


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