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Friday, February 03, 2006


"Racial Epithets"

I would appear that insults are an arrestable offense in Connecticut:

Jennifer Farrelly, 19, of East Windsor, has been charged with ridicule on account of race, creed or color and second-degree breach of peace. Farrelly's boyfriend, Eric Satterlee, 22, of Ashford, was charged with breach of peace in the incident.
Oh, I guess it's not just insults, but specific insults against particular protected groups.

Now I'm as much against racism as anybody...but are laws like this really necessary, or even Constitutional (and here I'm referring to the Connecticut Constitution, since I'm not convinced the Federal Bill of Rights should apply to state law)? I realize that yelling "Theatre" in a crowded fire should not be allowed, but insulting someone...I just don't know. By way of analogy, do you think for a second that 'a person of African decent' would be arrested for calling me "White Boy"? Humm...

Aside from the theoretical implications of this alleged case of arrestable insults, it would appear that the facts might be a bit more complicated:

Farrelly denied using racial epithets when she was interviewed by police, saying Byrd caused the dispute by ridiculing her for parking her car far away from the drive-through window, the warrant states. Byrd's supervisor told police that Byrd should not have been working the drive-through because he had gotten into a similar incident with another customer, the warrant states.


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