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Friday, February 24, 2006


New London Update

It's been quite a while since I've mentioned the eminent domain situation down in New London (links to some of my previous posts are at the top of the page). The reason is that it's been pretty quiet, at least judging by the lack of media coverage. Michael Cristofaro was kind enough to send along an update on his particular situation, and it's not pretty. Here's what's going on...

Mike owns a 2-family house in Ft. Trumbull (one of those targeted by the city of New London using eminent domain powers) in which he and his family occupy the 2nd floor. They have rented the 1st floor for the past few years to a woman (I don't know her name). Apparently she's been a problem and they finally had her evicted. However, when they did so Mike tells me that Michael Joplin (the president of the NLDC) allowed her to move into an apartment he owns, apparently not charging her rent (make of that what you will). He then allowed (by what means I'm not exactly sure) another person to move into the 1st floor apartment without Mike's consent. Mike tells me that the former tenant simply gave the keys to the new tenant, who is buddies with her boyfriend.

This is where the story takes a turn for the worse. Mike says, "[The] NLDC has sent me a letter saying I have no rights [to choose who occupies the 1st floor of my house] and that the only reason we are still there [on the 2nd floor] is that NLDC has not used there right to evict us from the property." The truly disturbing part is the identity of the person who moved into Mike's house. His name is Christopher McKenzie and here is why this is a serious concern to Mike and his family. That's right, as far as I can tell the NLDC allowed a convicted sex offender to move into the 1st floor apartment of the 2-family house owned by Michael Cristofaro against his will.

I have tried contacting the NLDC to get their side of the story, but I have not yet received a reply. If they do respond I will be more than happy to present their side of the story. For now, having not personally spoken to Mr. Joplin I cannot say whether or not he even knew of this individuals background, let alone what he motives are if he does. But I'll tell you, this situation really sucks. These homeowners didn't do a single thing wrong. It was nothing more than their misfortune to be living on a bit of land that the City wanted. When they refused to sell, the City simply decided to take it so they could 'increase their tax base'. This kind of thing isn't supposed to happen in America.


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