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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


The Destruction of Our Government

No, I'm not advocating any such thing but rather suggesting that it's already happened. I know, I know. Ours is the worst form of government...except all the others that have been tried (apologies to Mr. Churchill). Southern Pundit has a very well written post about the most neglected Amendment to our federal Constitution, the 10th. Check it out:

The federal government is bloated beyond all reason. The Founders, not even the Federalists who supported a stronger central government, would approve of the monstrosity we have created. Furthermore, the ideas the Founders had are so different from our own that I’m not convinced that if they were alive today to run for president that anybody would vote for them. Everybody on the right talks about returning to the values of the Founding Fathers, and I agree with that. But I wonder how many of us truly comprehend what that means. James Madison and John Adams both would’ve supported doing things that would infuriate both conservatives and liberals in our current modern context. From what I’ve read of the Founders, I can give a pretty good idea of what returning to their ideas would mean. Let’s make a list:
I am under no illusions that I will live to see anything like changes sufficient to our government that would satisfy me. And to a certain extent, I'm not even sure that going back to exactly what the Founders set up is a good idea. After all, had the Civil War gone the other way we might very well, as Bill Quick suggested, be talking about the battle of Baltimore and the chemical warfare attack in Cleveland.

Regardless, the current situation is disgusting and harmful to our nation. I, for one, have had enough of choosing the lesser of two evils. While I agree with Bush on many things in theory, he and I differ in the real world. To put it simply, his domestic policy makes me want to alternately puke and revolt.

So, what are my choices? Since Zell Miller won't be running for president, voting Democrat is out. Republicans? Hum. McCain. Not a chance in Hades. He might as well be a Democrat. Ditto Giuliani. Good on some topics, but might as well be a Democrat on others. I would go for Condi, but I'm not holding my breath that she'll run. The other choices are generally abominable. The Greens and Independents are generally nutjobs and the Libertarian party is essentially hyper-leftists who are for small government.

I guess that makes me a small 'l' libertarian without a Party that satisfies me. Unfortunately, our choices in government are pretty limited. Even if something completely different is desired by many people, the chance of that being provided are low because of the inertia that must be overcome for a new (unaffiliated and unbeholden) player to enter the race and actually compete.

All in all not the most promising of outlooks. Of course, this is still the best dang country in which to live...but it will only retain that title so long We The People manage maintain control. Let's not follow the example being set by our brethren across the pond.


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