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Monday, January 16, 2006


Starving Species

Here's a question for you. If you had a dollar to donate to who would it go, starving cats, or starving kids?

Two organizations in New Britain CT provide an interesting contrast:

Animal Alliance Welfare League feeds over 500 feral cats in New Britain
Community effort joins others to feed hundreds of children

Reading those two headlines you might think: Well good. Both hungry cats and hungry kids are being helped. And you'd be right, but check out the source of funding for both projects:

Feeding Cats...

The trap, neuter and release program, referred to as TNR, is in part a coordinated effort between the city and AAWL. The city has set aside money to pay for neutering of the first 60 cats AAWL takes to a Hartford veterinary center, which gives the city a discount for their services. (emphasis mine)
Did you catch that? "The city" is paying for this fine service. If you read the entire article you will not find a single reference to any sort of problem that these cats are causing. That's not necessarily to say that there aren't any, but you'd almost think that a person in charge of such a program would at least provide some explanation of a problem that needs to be solved with money taken from working stiffs under threat of physical force. But maybe that's just me.

Although you can probably guess what's coming, here's a bit more from the other story:

Feeding Kids...

Before long, the program had three additional sponsor churches from the midwest and northwest parts of the country and were receiving help from outside organizations to raise funds. In Southington, the program has seen several generous donations from the Rotary Club and has had additional help from many of the school-based organizations and local students, Ellis added.
To aid the continued progress that the foundation has seen, the Church is now conducting a calendar drive to collect money for their cause. For $25, any member of the community may purchase a 2006 calendar and will also have their name entered into a weekly drawing for a prize.
"With the five participating churches, we are feeding literally thousands of children each day," Ellis added. "However, if we continue to work together, we could easily feed hundreds of thousands. We are far from done with this program."

Those who are interested in making a donation to the "Every Dollar Feeds Kids" foundation or who would like to purchase a calendar may contact the church office at (860) 628-6958 or stop by to receive a program brochure. (emphasis added)
Did I even need to add the emphasis? Now, I wonder which program is: 1) more efficient, 2) more worthy and 3) has a better return on the investment.

Just another example of a government officials spending money that's not theirs on programs to solve nonexistent problems and private organizations of individuals actually making a difference in the world. Just think what private individuals and organizations could do if government got out of the way…


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