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Friday, January 13, 2006


Friday Late Afternoon Thoughts

Al Gore lets loose a rhetorical volley against Bush's Police State and is then summarily executed by Bush's Police State police. Oh wait...

Have I ever mentioned that I'm not Algore's biggest fan, although I am grateful for the more colorful memories.

In other news...

So Clarence Ray Allen (age 75-soon-to-be-76) is too old and infirm to be put to death, huh?

"The spectacle of Mr. Allen being wheeled into the death chamber, unable to walk and unable to see those who have come to witness his execution, violates all standards of decency and would amount to nothing more than the purposeless and needless imposition of pain and suffering prohibited by the Eighth Amendment," said Annette Carnegie, one of Allen's attorneys.
For those who don't know, here's what he did to earn the death penalty:

He was sentenced to life in prison for commissioning the murder of his son's girlfriend in 1974. Then, in 1980, he was convicted and sentenced to death for ordering the murders of eight witnesses of the first murder from his cell. While killing the first of these targets, his hit man also killed two unconnected teenagers on the scene.
This guy is a grade-A scumbag and a cold-blooded murder for hirer. I do, however, agree with his lawyer in that we should avoid the "spectacle" of wheeling him into the death chamber. How about we send the appropriate officials into this comfy jail cell and just hit him on the head with a brick until the sentence has been carried out? Win, win from where I'm standing.

To end the work week on a lighter note, did I mention the Best Blond Joke Ever?


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