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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Know What Makes Me Angry?

Dumb, selfish hippies:

About two weeks ago, a male approximately 5 foot 9, 150 pounds broke and entered my house. (SIDE NOTE: This is funny because it is true.)
Lauren and I were freaking out. We grabbed butcher knives and head lamps and quickly turned on all the lights in my house.
We were standing in the hallway and the only barrier between him and us was the hall door. I began to call the police. In the middle of the phone call, my phone dies. I had just driven back from Austin that night and I had one bar on the phone all weekend. My phone wouldn't turn back on.
(SIDE NOTE: I am a pretty liberal hippie when it comes to life, a make-love-not-war type of girl. But I know enough about anatomy to know a butcher knife doesn't protect from a bullet. I have been an anti-hand gun person for years, mainly because they serve one purpose: to kill people. However, this has become a matter of self-defense. Damn it, this is Texas, and I'm gettin' a gun.)
Anyway, I begin my gun classes in January. I hear that with a shotgun, I won't miss much, so for the record, I also am buying a raffle ticket from the Texas Tech Polo Club.
Let me start by saying that I am happy these two women ended up unharmed and that I'm glad to see yet another person added to the ranks of (hopefully) responsible gun owners.

That said, Ms. Cobb is both...

Dumb: Never thought a gun could serve a good, useful purpose.
Selfish: Now that 'it' has happened to her, it's finally ok to be armed.

No offense, but the inability to recognize that something bad could happen just because it's never happened to you is, well, dumb. Then, to do a complete about-face in terms of personal opinion as a result of that thing finally happening to you is painfully selfish. After all, what about all those people whom you were trying, all these years, to deprive of the right to defend themselves and their families?

There are plenty of people in this world who miscalculate their actual risk and decide that guns just aren't for them. They're not the ones I'm libeling here. No, it's the people like pre-break in Ms. Cobb who I'm talking about. Self-described hippy liberals who think that guns are evil and could never serve a good purpose and, therefore, everyone must be prohibited from keeping and bearing arms. Of course, had pre-break in Ms. Cobb and her ilk been successful in outlawing guns (a la Britain, DC, IL, etc.) what would post-break in Ms. Cobb do? Not only would there be no guns to be had but, worse yet, there would be no one around with the knowledge and skills necessary to teach her to use a gun in the first place.

Need I even mention what the article would have looked like in the papers had Ms. Cobb and her housemate been hurt or killed by a gun-wielding criminal home invader? Her friends would have been quoted demanding more reasonable gun control laws. Humm...

All I ask is that people (read: anti-gun people) take a moment to sit down and think. Read Ms. Cobb's whole story, consider the fact that essentially zero legally licensed gun owners every hurt anyone, good or bad, and maybe, just maybe come to the conclusion that even if you choose to not engage in gun ownership yourself that others have the right to do if the they choose.

As for those of you out there in post-break in Ms. Cobb's shoes, take a minute some day and do your best to convince your anti-gun friends that guns can and do serve a good cause. Who better to carry the banner of freedom and our God-given right to self-defense than a convert?

(via Gun Law News)


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