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Friday, December 09, 2005


CT State Police Woes

I know full well that the vast majority of CT State Troopers are good cops, and I really feel for them because of all the craziness going on these days (here and here). Here's the latest scandal:

Arrest Jolts State Police
State Trooper Mary Buckley was arrested Thursday evening and charged with hindering prosecution, three counts of risk of injury to a minor, interfering with a police officer and failure to report sexual abuse by a mandated reporter. She was released on $250,000 bail. Information on her court date was not available Thursday night.
As director of the East Windsor emergency management department, Buckley supervised executive officer Peter Waraksa, 43, of East Windsor, who was charged with first-degree sexual assault, first-degree risk of injury, first-degree kidnapping and employing a minor in an obscene performance. His bail was set at $2 million. He is scheduled to be arraigned today in Superior Court in Enfield.

East Windsor police Capt. Bernard Duffy said they were contacted on Nov. 29 by the boy's family, who said the [12-year-old] boy had been sexually assaulted by a 43-year-old man. The assaults, said to have taken place in the suspect's home, occurred from sometime in May until early fall, police said.
Obviously, the investigation is ongoing and we should presume these individuals are innocent until proven guilty. Of course, if they are guilty I hope they are strung up from a pole by their toes for all to see.


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