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Thursday, December 08, 2005


Coulter At UConn

Sadly, I was right down the road and totally missed it:

Hecklers Disrupt Coulter's Speech At UConn
After waiting with her bodyguard on stage for several minutes for the music to stop while a section of the audience chanted "You suck, you suck," an irritated Coulter said she would not finish her speech. She said she would go straight to questions and answers, suggesting the disruption was the best the liberals could do to counter her.
Coulter, a well-known, conservative author and commentator, fielded questions ranging from the war in Iraq and Democratic leadership to abortion with the witty, provocative responses that have made her a frequent guest on such TV talk shows as "Hannity & Colmes" and "The O'Reilly Factor."
Ann got heckled. Blah, blah, blah. What's new? Here's the part of the story that maked me laugh through the vomit it induced:

Just before the event, Students Against Hate held an alternative event focusing on discrimination at UConn and intended to provide "balance" to the Coulter talk. During the talk several students from various racial groups and of various sexual orientations spoke about how harsh words have wounded them.

Hana Kim, 20, of Stamford, cried as she recalled her experience hearing two young men express shock and disapproval in a loud conversation that a friend was dating an "Asian chick."

Jerome Smith, a UConn graduate, talked about how he hid his homosexuality while at UConn, afraid his fraternity brothers and family would shun him.

"Words are sharp tools and certain people like Ann Coulter use them to hurt people," he said.
Oh boy. What even happened to the Sticks And Stones thing? Sometimes it hard to believe/admit that these people are my countrymen. But you know, I've always liked to slaughter Winston Churchill quotes, so: America is the worst place in the world to live...except all the other places.

It is also mentioned in the article that Cindy Sheehan was invited to speak this past Monday. Oddly, I can't find a single account* of the event that even hints at anyone on campus treating her with any degree of disrespect, let alone the disgusting level of vitriol spewed at Ann. Humm, could that be because liberals are afraid of losing arguments based on facts and so must resort to crying, yelling and otherwise acting like spoiled children. Hummm...


*As a matter of fact, the one "dissenter" mentioned in UConn's The Daily Campus asked Sheehan why she was charging $10,000. Woa. Calm down there buddy, take a lesson from the tolerant Left at Ann's talk.


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