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Monday, October 03, 2005


Rally In Jersey City

If you're in the area drop by and show your support for property rights:

Tuesday Night Rally: Property Rights, Doug Forrester

There will be a Rally on Oct. 4th at 7.00 PM at the Golden Cicada Tavern. Please let all concerned citizens know about this.

Doug Forrester, Republican Gubernatorial candidate will be the main speaker and he will focus on property rights.

This is your opportunity to attend and air your concerns and make him give us his campaign pledge to stem out this injustice on eminent domain.

Golden Cicada Tavern
195 Grand Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302

Directions :
Take the NJ turnpike north and get off at exit 14C..Follow directions on Grand street and go East to 195 Grand Street.Cross Street is Marin Blvd

From NYC 1) Take the PATH train and get off at Grove Street station and walk South for four blocks to Grand Street and Marin Blvd.

2) Take the Holland Tunnel, make the first available left BEFORE the Shell Gas station and head straight to Grand Street


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