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Monday, October 10, 2005


Painfully Obvious...

...and yet quite true (requires subscription):

The conventional wisdom among the scientific community and the public is that the present federal US policy on stem cell research, which provides National Institutes of Health funding only for research on [embryonic] stem cell lines developed before August 2001, has significantly reduced funding for stem cell research and diminished the translation of this platform technology to important therapies. But there's another side to this argument: that the present US policy has actually increased stem cell funding and research worldwide, thus mobilizing state governments, industry, and philanthropy to fund this promising technology.
That said, the current policy has created a state-by-state movement unprecedented in medical research. Most prominently, the passage of California's proposition 71 provides $3 billion to that state's stem cell research institutes. Although lawsuits from opponents to the initiative have delayed dispersal except for a recent set of $40 million grants, other states such as Connecticut, Illinois, and Wisconsin have followed the lead and begun to provide funding for researchers. The trend continues to develop at a rapid pace.
Imagine that! When the Federal Government (FG) decides to not fund something the sky remains in its rightful place. So, you might ask, why is it that people increasingly turn to the FG for, well, everything? I've got plenty of ideas, and none of them put FG supplicants in a good light. Regardless of the root cause, I think it is noteworthy that state government and private entities are perfectly capable of ponying up the moola when the FG tells them to take a hike.

Now, how about applying this theory to, well, everything? You know, just like a few really smart guys once wrote! Come on. Just for a century? A decade? A few years?

Why don't we just give it a shot. Fire 82% of the FG's employees and see if the sky really falls.

Oh...the dreams of a libertarian -sigh-


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