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Friday, October 21, 2005


Friday Morning New London Stuff


I received an email from Tom Picinich this morning who is one of the homeowners in New London under threat of eviction. He asked me to let you all know about the Free New London website he's setup to help get the word out about alternatives to the current New London leadership in the coming election. Drop by and check them out, especially if you happen to live in New London and have a chance to voice your displeasure with the current leadership. (Related: see also the 1 New London site linked on the sidebar.)


Mike Cristofaro sent along the link to an article that expands on yesterday's undumping of the NLDC:

Hartford — Bowing to pressure from state officials, the New London City Council will rescind its motions severing ties with the New London Development Corp., but not before receiving assurances that the agency's leadership will change.
State officials, taken aback by the council vote, immediately asked the city to reconsider and apparently offered new assurances that the state supports the city in its effort to force a change in the NLDC's leadership.

The council will back off its earlier motion, City Law Director Thomas J. Londregan said, “with the expectation that the concerns and demands and regrets of the city will be addressed.”

If those are not addressed, Glover said, the council would consider voting on the same motions at the regular meeting of Nov. 7.
Whatever. Regardless of what happens with the NLDC I stand by my earlier fallguy comments. Time will tell and until it does I'm not going to get too excited about any bureaucratic haggling.


Mike gets on TV, again.
(You'll need RealPlayer to watch the clip.)


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