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Tuesday, October 11, 2005



The recent earthquake in Pakistan has obviously been a horrible disaster. Countries around the world have offered, and are currently sending, aid to the reported 2.5 million people left homeless. I feel really bad for them, and I think it is appropriate to send help.

However, this sort of BS prompts me to want to type words I promised myself I would never use on this blog:

Western governments rushed to step up their pledges for the earthquake relief effort after their initial response to the disaster was condemned as slow-moving and financially inadequate.

The United States, which was under pressure to increase a pledge of $500,000 (£280,000) considered almost derisory by many Pakistanis when it was made over the weekend, announced it intended to give $50m in emergency aid.

The gesture, intended to make up for the resentment caused by an initial pledge which, along with the British offering of £100,000, was labelled as "peanuts" by Qazi Hussain, the leader of the Pakistani opposition party Jamat Islami, was greeted as a major boost to the struggling relief effort.
Mr. Quazi Hussain. I have just two words for you. The second of which is the last word in the previous sentence and the first rhymes with 'puck'.

I find it difficult to accept, 1) the gall of this guy and 2) the complete and absolute lack of pride this statement/attitude reveals. Mr. Hussain's country is hit by a terrible natural disaster, killing at least thousands and leaving millions without the basic necessities, and there is zero humility or pride, let alone introspection.

Amazing gall is the only way I can characterize it right now. Whom do you think is responsible for this disaster, Mr. Hussain? My list would be, in order: God, your government. God because an earthquake is an Act of God and you because you and your government have not provided the conditions necessary for prosperity in your country. Had you done so, you would have a modern infrastructure that would be better able to absorb such Acts of God, resulting in a smaller death toll.

In a slightly more perfect world we would get supplies directly to the people in need. In the mean time we would be smacking Mr. Hussain and his ilk right straight across their worthless faces.

That's it. I've had enough.


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