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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Drinkin' On Uncle Sam

Big surprise:

Evacuees binge on Cape: Spend fed cash on booze, strippers

BOURNE – Hurricane Katrina evacuees hastily handed $2,000 in federal relief money last month have been living it up on Cape Cod, blowing cash on booze and strippers, a Herald investigation has found.

Herald reporters witnessed blatant public drinking at a Falmouth strip mall by Katrina victims living at taxpayer expense at Camp Edwards on Otis Air Force Base. And strippers at Zachary's nightclub in Mashpee, a few miles from the Bourne base, report giving lap dances to several evacuees.
Call me cynical, but should I really be shocked that a bunch of inner city types choose to buy booze when they're given $2000? Seriously? What do you think they've spent welfare checks on all their lives?

If there were any justice in the world we'd just say, Fine, hope you had a good time because you will never receive so much as another single, greening penny from us ever again. Right.

And I don't want to hear any crap about stereotypes being unfair. Don't like them? Then feel free to not conform to 'em.


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