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Thursday, October 20, 2005


The Day: Letter To The Editor

Letter To The Editor:

As a former resident of Fort Trumbull, and raised as a child there, I need to speak out. I have been both happy and sad about what is going on in the Fort. The Fort, as we kids used to call it, was a place of comfort and safety. All of us kids could play safely and the neighbors cared about one another.

Over the years I moved on, always wanting to someday raise my own children there. That time came. I moved back to the Fort and there I chose to raise my daughter. When I moved back, I was told the New London Development Corp. was going to build there and my time might be limited. That time did come. I was told I would have to move.

Yes, I will miss my home and memories of the Fort, but there comes a time in life when it's time to move on. That's what I did. I really would like to stress the fact that NLDC has been nothing but compassionate and understanding to me.

NLDC President Michael Joplin, who did not even know me, has helped me with any questions I had and he never once treated me like I was a nobody. Having said that, I want to say relocation was very easy for me. I now have a great new place, which my daughter and I call our new fort, and for that I am very grateful to NLDC.

Linda Sawicki
New London
I am very glad that Linda is happy and was perfectly willing to move out of her home when she was told to do so. From this letter, we really don't know whether or not Linda owned property or whether she just rented. Either way, I think it's great that she's adjusted well.

Of course, there are plenty of issues here. The first being that she moved back to the Fort Trumble area with the knowledge that she might not be able to stay. Had that been unacceptable, she simply would not have moved there in the first place and we never would have heard from her.

Second, the fact that the NLDC was "compassionate and understanding" is great. Of course, someone as cynical as myself might ask whether that "compassion and understanding" arose from the fact that Ms. Sawicki offered no resistance.

Finally, the fact that Ms. Sawicki was willing to move when ordered has absolutely zero bearing on anything that has been going on with respect to eminent domain in New London. If anything her actions show both a disappointing lack of backbone and a disturbing willingness to be subservient to the government that We The People are supposed to control.

So, Linda. I'm glad you're happy, but please try to understand that some people believe that American Citizens should not be expected to hop when the government or some 'quasi-public entity' says "frog".


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