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Friday, September 09, 2005


This Is The America I Know And Love

They didn't leave their homes...and they're not asking nothin' from no one. Just don't mess 'em.

NEW ORLEANS - When night falls, Charlie Hackett climbs the steps to his boarded-up window, takes down the plywood, grabs his 12-gauge shotgun and waits. He is waiting for looters and troublemakers, for anyone thinking his neighborhood has been abandoned like so many others across the city. Two doors down, John Carolan is doing the same on his screened-in porch, pistol by his side. They are not about to give up their homes to the lawlessness that has engulfed New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
Three men came to Carolan's house asking about his generator and brandished a machete. He showed them his gun and they left.
And here I was starting to wonder where all the Americans went. They've been there all along, it's just tough to get reporters to give a crap when there's such a target rich environment ready-made to Blame Bush.


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